Drilling Concrete Safely: Five Safety Supplies You Need for DIY Concrete Drilling

Concrete drilling can be hard work, and unfortunately, it can also be a little dangerous for the person controlling the drill. Luckily, if you have the right safety essentials, you can make your concrete drilling experience as safe as possible. Here are five items you need to stay safe:

1. Tight-fitting work clothing

Whether you buy or hire concrete drilling equipment, it can easily get caught on loose clothing. Don't use the machinery with loose hanging clothing. Instead, wear relatively tight fitting clothing, and make sure your sleeves are buttoned up and that you have leather work gloves on.

2. A rag

Even with gloves, your hands may slip off of greasy or oily machinery, and you may drop the drill and get hurt. Make sure that you have several clean, absorbent rags on hand, and before you start using the concrete drill, wipe off the handle and make sure that there is no grease built up on the concrete drill.

3. Wire brush

While you are drilling concrete, there is likely to be a large amount of rubble and dust that builds up. So that you can safely continue the job, you need to remove these excess pieces of concrete. Removing them on a timely basis keeps your work environment relatively stable, and it eliminates tripping hazards.

You can use a wire brush to clean up the area, or you can also blow the dust out of the way using compressed air.

4. Respirator

With all the dust flying in the area, you can easily inhale it and hurt your respiratory system. For this reasons, you need a respirator if you want to be safe while doing your concrete cutting. Respirators filter out small particles, dust and other allergens, and you, as well as anyone working around you, should wear one.

Alternatively, you may wear a respirator while actively removing dust and rubble, but after you have cleaned up the area and start concrete drilling again, you can wear a surgical mask to create a bit of breathing relief if that is easier for you.

5. Ear plugs

Finally, don't forget about your hearing. Concrete drilling machines have loud motors, and prolonged exposure to them can hurt your hearing. Make sure that you wear earplugs while working with your concrete drill. If you don't have any ear plugs, you can make your own by wading up a bit of tissue or cotton.

For more information, or if you're rather leave the work to the professionals, contact a local concrete drilling company.