Avoid These Common “Do It Yourself” Mistakes When Cutting Concrete

Cutting concrete can be necessary when you want to remodel your house and need to expand the foundation in certain areas or run plumbing pipes behind the basement walls. You may also need to pull up an old driveway to have it repaved or underpinned. While cutting concrete is not overly difficult, it's also not like cutting wood or other such materials. You can handle the job on your own with the proper tools and knowhow, but if you're like many homeowners, you might make a few simple mistakes along the way. Read More 

Why Do We Have Kerbs?

For many people, kerbs are an afterthought. You rarely realize they're on the edge of the road unless your car happens to run them over or you accidentally step off of one on an afternoon walk, but their history and function is actually quite interesting. History If you've seen pictures or historical recreations of cobblestone roads characteristic of the 17th and 18th centuries, you may have noticed that sidewalks didn't exist and roads normally ventured to the doorsteps of shops and homes. Read More 

What Makes Concrete the Best Choice of Construction Material?

Take a walk or drive around cities or some residential estates, and you will realize that concrete has become a popular choice of material used in many of today's structures. A properly-built concrete structure offers numerous exceptional advantages for building owners, contractors, architects, engineers and many more. A lot of of these benefits serve to lengthen the useful life of the construction. The benefits that make concrete material so much sought-after in the construction industry include the following: Read More 

Questions About Exposed Aggregate to Discuss With Your Concrete Contractor

Exposed aggregate is a material that is added to concrete and which is meant to be seen along the surface. An aggregate can be added for a number of reasons and is a good choice when you're having your driveway and home's walkways repaved. There are many different types of aggregate that can be added and they all look different and function differently, so you need to discuss your options with your concrete contractor before work begins. Read More 

Drilling Concrete Safely: Five Safety Supplies You Need for DIY Concrete Drilling

Concrete drilling can be hard work, and unfortunately, it can also be a little dangerous for the person controlling the drill. Luckily, if you have the right safety essentials, you can make your concrete drilling experience as safe as possible. Here are five items you need to stay safe: 1. Tight-fitting work clothing Whether you buy or hire concrete drilling equipment, it can easily get caught on loose clothing. Don't use the machinery with loose hanging clothing. Read More